Lancaster, you can help Save It!

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Water Heroes

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Baby Steps:

I've got 5 minutes,
What can I do?

  • Take a shower instead of a bath
  • Turn off water while brushing teeth
  • Tell your friends!

Big Steps:

I've got 5 hours,
What can I do?

  • Install a rain barrel
  • Plant a native tree
  • Disconnect your downspouts

Giant Steps:

I've got 5 days,
What can I do?

  • Install a green roof
  • Set up a cistern
  • Plant a rain garden

What's New?

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A parking lot that manages stormwater !

Several local property owners, including the property that houses The Fridge (pictured below) and Mulberry Art Studios are improving their parking lots with enhancements that include stormwater capture off of the paved surface and surrounding buildings into large infiltration beds … Continue reading


Through the Upstream/Downstream program led by the Lancaster County Conservancy two middle school classes (Martic Middle School in Manor Township and Wheatland Middle School in the School District of Lancaster) spent a half day touring green infrastructure projects in Lancaster … Continue reading

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