Lancaster, you can help Save It!
Lancaster City needs to save 750 million gallons of water annually from entering its combined sewer system – that’s the system that collects wastewater from your home as well as rainwater.¬†

To learn more about the City’s innovative stormwater plans and projects visit this site often.

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Water Heroes

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Baby Steps:

I've got 5 minutes,
What can I do?

  • Take a shower instead of a bath
  • Turn off water while brushing teeth
  • Tell your friends!

Big Steps:

I've got 5 hours,
What can I do?

  • Install a rain barrel
  • Plant a native tree
  • Disconnect your downspouts

Giant Steps:

I've got 5 days,
What can I do?

  • Install a green roof
  • Set up a cistern
  • Plant a rain garden

What's New?

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Rain Gardens along W James St

As construction begins along Mulberry and West James Streets you should notice an immediate (and green) difference when you reach a corner crosswalk. ¬†Beginning last fall City contractors started to install these vegetated curb extensions / rain gardens and this … Continue reading

Green Infrastructure Walking Tour

As part of the Native Plants in the Landscape Conference at Millersville University the Lancaster County Conservancy will be leading a green infrastructure walking tour in Downtown Lancaster. You can read more via Lancaster Online;¬†32 big ideas about gardening’s future: … Continue reading

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