Brandon Park Slated for Spring 2012 Facelift

Brandon Park, situated behind Price Elementary and the Lancaster Recreation Center, is in the valley of a former creek.  This valley is a very good location to capture stormwater runoff from the park and adjacent upland areas.

The reconstruction of parking areas planned for the park creates a opporunity for porous paving and infiltration beds that can be placed throughout the park to manage the runoff from areas including Wabank Ave to the southeast, Laurel St. to the northeast, Freemont St. to the northwest, and Fairview Ave. to the southwest.  View the site plan below.  All told it is estimated that these improvements will capture over 5 million gallons of water per year.

Additional improvements will be made to the amenities of the park including the basketball courts through $35,0000 in funding from Sprite as part of their Sprite Spark Parks program.