Community Meetings – March and April

We’re Polluting our Water.

When it rains, water flows from rooftops, streets, sidewalks and parking lots into our sewer system.  Along the way, it picks up all kinds of pollutants.  Most of the time, the City can clean this polluted water at its treatment plant.  But during heavy storms, the amount of water is too much for the plant to handle, allowing about 750 million gallons of polluted water to flow into the Conestoga River each year.

What’s the Cheapest Way to Solve the Problem ?

Come to a meeting with Mayor Gray and city officials in your neighborhood.

March 28 – Hand Middle School
April 2 – Lancaster Rec Center – Senior Center off parking lot at Brandon Park
April 10 – Reynolds Middle School
April 16 – McCaskey East High School
May 2 – Community United Methodist Church – Tennyson Drive

All meetings start at 7pm