Opportunities to implement green sidewalks are created when sidewalks are constructed to improve streets, as part of the reconstruction of utility infrastructure or to incorporate ADA requirements.  Green infrastructure technologies applicable for sidewalks include curb extensions, sidewalk planters, tree trenches and porous pavements.

Curbside Gardens

A number of Curbside rain gardens have popped up surrounding other green infrastructure projects throughout Lancaster City.  They often extend from the curb or intersection, serving to both capture stormwater, while also slowing traffic and making these areas safer for pedestrians.
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Examples from the City of Lancaster:
10.1.12 006   8.23.12 011   8.23.12 021
Rodney Park 011 - compressed   Rodney Park 002   Rodney Park 013 - compressed
For more information on these technoligies; Save It Green Infrastructure Fact Sheets: Vegetated Curb Extension (PDF), Bioretention (Rain Garden) (PDF)Pervious Pavement with Infiltration (PDF)
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These images, of permeable concrete, are from Two Dudes Painting Company who completed their Green Infrastructure project in the fall of 2013.  For more images click here.

11.19.13 035  11.19.13 019_compressed

Examples below are from other cities