Commercial Property Owners

Commercial properties include multi-family residences, businesses, industrial properties, religious organizations and non-profits located throughout the City. All together, there are over 17,400 commercial properties in the City.

Fortunately, many of the same green infrastructure practices for individual homes apply to commercial properties.  It is just a matter of scale.

While 5 minutes for a commercial property may be an underestimate, there are some small things you can begin doing right away to conserve water and eliminate pollution.  If you have more time, then check out what you can do in 5 hours or 5 days.  Don’t delay!

To learn what you can do to retrofit your property to manage rainwater, check out the National Green Values Calculator which can help you compare the costs and benefits of green infrastructure.

Once you’ve completed the work remember you may qualify for a reduction in your stormwater fee.  For more information: Understanding the stormwater fee credit program.  click here (PDF) Reference pages 13-18.  For the Stormwater Fee Credit Application.  click here (PDF).